A Life of Prayer, Grace, and Community


Vocations and Membership

Professed Members: Men and Women (friars and sisters) who have bound themselves to the community through the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, living in small communities, in hermitages, or with their families. Professed dedicate themselves to prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours twice daily, the Augustinian meditative study of scripture and theology each day, and a ministry of inclusive justice and communio. Membership is ecumenical and inclusive to anyone who has reached the age of 21 and is self sufficient regardless of orientation, marital status, or other considerations. All are welcome at our Table! Faculties for candidates who wish Holy Orders are provided by our Prior General/Bishop. Clerics from other Sacramental Churches are welcome to join with permission of their bishop. Professed have certain obligations to community functions, particularly the annual chapter each year in August.






Oblate Members: Men and women who feel called to the spirit of the Order and wish to share in our life of prayer and ministry, but who, for various reasons, do not feel able or called to vowed commitment. These brothers and sisters of ours make promises to live the spirit of the Rule in their life situation, promise to pray each day according to their custom, and share their lives in ministry of some kind. Oblates are always welcome, but are only obligated to participate in the Annual Chapter and Retreat in August, and in six (6) other community functions during the year. These functions can be in person during a community day or a community ministry, or they may participate via our weekly fellowship and prayer conference call. 


Friar Joseph Augustine - Profession




 Living a 4th Century Rule in the 21st Century

  • Members live on their own, in small communities, or with their family
  • Members live poverty within self-sufficiency and a spirit of shared resources as "tent making" friars
  • Celibacy is an option but not a requirement
  • Membership is open to all equally regardless of gender, marital status, or sexual orientation





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Holy Annunciation Friary
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