Ministry: Inclusive Grace and Mercy

"Each member is committed to building up the whole Body of Christ. We endeavor to minister, in charity and hospitality, to the mind, spirit, and body of all we serve. We strive to bring the love of God and to build community in every place in which we serve.

As an apostolic society, we endeavor to bring the Good News of inclusion to the marginalized, freedom to the oppressed, peace to victims of abuse, and justice and reconciliation to those in need. the sign of our renewal as we know from the Lord's own words:
“I give you a new commandment - love one another.”
Augustine: Sermon 350A, 21

Our members may work in education, parish ministry, spiritual and retreat direction, campus ministry, chaplaincy, health care, social work and advocacy, or any position suited to their individual talents."
Constitutions III A, B