In the name of the Father + and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Enter, then, into your heart (IS 46:8) and if you have faith, you will find Christ there. There he speaks to you, I, the preacher must raise his voice but he instruct you more effectively in silence.
How do we cultivate our interior life as followers of St. Augustine? (Moments of Silence)
Reading: From the Book IF AUGUSTINE WERE ALIVE

Because Jesus instructs interiorly in silence, we must foster within ourselves an atmosphere of silence. While it is a great help to be able to get away from the noise and confusion of the world around us, this is not always possible for many people. What we must do however, is to know how to free ourselves form these disturbances within, in our hearts, so that we will have a chance to listen to Christ and not just t ourselves, with all our pains and feelings and built – in prejudices, “Let us leave a little room for reflection, room for silence. Enter into yourself. Look within yourself and see whether, there be some delightful hidden place in your consciousness where you can be free of noise and argument, where you need not be carrying on your disputes and planning to have your own stubborn way. Hear the word in quietness, that you may understand it. In order to understand Christ, Our interior master, we need an atmosphere of attentive inner silence when we seek to go deeper into ourselves along the way of interior prayer or contemplation. We must also purify the eyes of the heart so that we will be able to see God. Such purification is painful, but it is a necessary prelude to becoming more sensitive to the presence of God within.
(End of the reading – Some of Moments of Silence)
Lord, have mercy on us…
God the Father of Heaven Have mercy on us
God the Son, Redeemer of the World Have mercy on us
God, the Holy Spirit Have mercy on us
Holy Trinity, one God Have mercy on us
Mary, Mother of Jesus Pray for us
Mary, Mother of Consolation Pray for us
Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Pray for us
St. Augustine, bright star of the Church Pray for us
St. Augustine, filled with zeal for God’s glory Pray for us
St. Augustine, dauntless defender of the truth Pray for us
St. Augustine, the triumph of divine grace Pray for us
St. Augustine, on fire with the love of God Pray for us
St. Augustine, so great and so humble Pray for us
St. Augustine, prince of bishops and doctors Pray for us
St. Augustine, father of monastic life Pray for us
St. Augustine, holiest of the wise and wisest of the holy Pray for us
Pray for us St. Augustine That may become worthy of the promises of Christ.
ALL: Loving Father, we desire to follow your son, Jesus more closely. Allowed us to be formed by you in imitation of St. Augustine’s life of interiority. Help us withdraw from transitory things of this world in order to have deeper desire to follow. Strengthen our faith to discover your voice in the Scriptures: so that we may be able to find you in the realities of our life. This we ask you through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen