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Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrow

The policies toward and treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers by this administration has been an immoral stigma on our nation’s collective conscience. From the separation of children, to the criminalization of asylum seekers, and the denial of covid testing, this president, his administration and policy supporters have been committing grave sin.

Reporting today by a whistleblower, alleging forced sterilization by hysterectomies has turned these detention centers into all outright Concentration Camps reminiscent of Nazi regimes.

Our Church condemns all who have partaken, by action or policy authorization, in any of this evil policy. We, in the authority of our Gospel imperative, warn all such that this sin is of the most serious for individuals and our country. No one complicit in this evil should consider themselves a part of the Body of Christ.

+Joseph Augustine Menna, AIHM

Bishop and Prior General

Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Diocese of St. Thomas of Villanova